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December Specials On Skin Care in Springfield Missouri

Our December Specials On Skin Care in Springfield Missouri

The holiday season is officially underway and Advanced Laser Clinic is here to help. Whether you need gifts for others or want to look your best for holiday parties, we have what you need.

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to start the journey to anti-aging, or you need help finding potent and effective at-home skin care. Our December specials cover all these bases.

For starters, during the month of December, Advanced Laser Clinic is offering 20% off your next Dysport injections when you receive either IPL, Micro-needling, or Resurfx. Any of these treatments combined together with Dysport injections are a very powerful anti-aging duo.

IPL is a treatment that addresses pigment issues in the skin. IPL is the best tool to address any red or brown areas in the skin. This treatment will leave your skin with a more even complexion. With little down time, this is a great treatment for the face, neck, and chest.

Microneedling and ResurFX are both treatments that create tiny, controlled wounds to the skin. These stimulate the wound healing response which in turn activates collagen and elastin building in your skin.

Dysport is a Botox like injection that really softens wrinkles on the forehead and may be used in other areas of the face. Pairing these anti-aging treatments with Dysport is very powerful boost.

If you are more interested in regular facial treatments to look your best, another of our December specials includes free brow shaping with any or our facial treatments. Amazing looking skin and brows? Best Christmas present ever.

We have several amazing facial options that clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. When you add free brow shaping to any facial, get ready to have that healthy glow with beautifully shaped brows.

You could be holiday ready in as little as an hour with no downtime. Regular facial treatments are important skin care maintenance to keep great looking skin.

We also have lots of skin care product specials to take advantage of. Both of our favorite medical grade skin care brands, Environ and SkinCeuticals, have great holiday product offerings.

Home care should always be at the top of your list to get and keep your skin in top form. Home care regimens are a huge part of healthy, beautiful skin care. When you start using medical grade skin care products consistently, you will see noticeable improvements in your skin.

Environ and SkinCeuticals are offering great gifts with any purchase and double size products for regular price.

Follow us on Facebook for more details about our December product specials. You can also stop by the office or call us at 417-883-5400 to see what we have in stock. Come see us in December and get some of your holiday shopping marked off your list.

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