Meet The Team

Robin Talley - Meet The Team - Sclerotherapy Springfield MO

Robin Talley

Robin achieved her medical degree at University of Kansas Medical Center with her residency in anesthesiology. As a staff physician in a Springfield surgery center, Dr. Talley performed anesthesia for numerous plastic surgery cases and outpatient procedures. During this time, her interest in aesthetic medicine led her to obtain advanced training and aesthetic fellowship through The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She has administered thousands of injections of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin.

Roberta Riley - Meet The Team - Sclerotherapy Springfield MO

Roberta Riley | CCE CLT

Bert brings 30 years of business experience with her to provide Advanced Laser Clinic’s clients with the most comprehensive consultations in the industry. Her mission is that each person seeking treatment be fully informed of realistic expectations, possible risks and all available options to reach their treatment goals. Bert also helps structure a financial plan so there are no surprises in the cost of them reaching their treatment goals. Customer service and satisfaction are her top goals.

Shelly Baker - Meet The Team - Sclerotherapy Springfield MO

Shelly Baker | RN CLT

Shelly graduated from Burge School of Nursing in 1992. After many years working at Cox Health Centers she moved into aesthetics and anti-aging when she joined the Advanced Laser Clinic team in 2003. She is committed to educating her clients in the latest aesthetic treatments, designing treatment programs that will provide the highest level of efficacy and developing long-term anti-aging strategies. Her favorite part of being at Advanced Laser Clinic are the clients that become like family during their treatments process.

Jill Thompson - Meet The Team - Sclerotherapy Springfield MO

Jill Thompson

After working in the beauty industry for 10 years, Jill decided to look into skincare. After a 2 year apprenticeship at a local day spa, she received her esthetic license in 2008. Since then she has worked in different spas, honing her skill and learning more about skin. For the last 2 years she has owned her own skincare spa suite. She has extensive training on product ingredients and the effects on the skin. Now, making a recent addition into medical esthetics, she joins the Advanced Laser Clinic team. She has a passion for people and helping them feel confident through beautiful, healthy skin.

Meet Our Newest Team Member for Esthetics in Springfield Missouri

Teresa Benz | RN LT

Teresa began her career as a cosmetologist before deciding to pursue a career as a Nurse. She graduated from SBU/Mercy College of Nursing in 2011. After working at Mercy Hospital for 7 years, Teresa was committed to following her dreams and pursue her passion as an aesthetic nurse. She joined our team at Advanced Laser Clinic in the Spring of 2018. She is dedicated to continuing education and learning the ever-changing advances in medical aesthetics, in order to share the new and upcoming procedures with her clients. Teresa is very driven in working with people on developing the best treatment plan to help assist them in their desired transformation of looking and feeling their best.

An Interview With Owner Shelly Baker

Shelly first opened the doors to Advanced Laser Clinic back in 2003. Shelly reflects on the growth, the experiences, and the patients she adores. Below is an excerpt from a sit down interview done with Shelly about the passion she continues to have for Advanced Laser Clinic even after all these years.

Describe what your typical day looks like working here.

Shelly: “Patients always come first, paperwork always second, and I’m always behind.”

What do you want people to think of when they think of Advanced Laser Clinic?

Shelly: “My most important goal is to walk into the door and it’s homey and welcoming to not only myself, but all patients as well. And most of all, we’re honest—our integrity is very important to us. I just want them to feel important and that we really care about who they are and what problems they have no matter what it is.”

What are your goals for the clinic?

Shelly: “The goal for the clinic is to keep growing, I want to see this business succeed because I know the benefits it gives to anyone who walks through the door. Whether they need laser hair removal for unwanted hair or sclerotherapy to treat spider veins, I know the treatments we perform make people feel better about themselves and we change peoples’ lives.”

If you could go back and do it again would you still make the decision to open Advanced Laser Clinic?

Shelly: “Where I’m sitting at today, all these years later—definitely yes. I’ve loved every minute of it. I always tell my kids, or anybody else, it’s not about the money, it’s about loving what you do. And honestly, in all these years walking through the doors, there’s not one day I didn’t like being here. I love my patients.”