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Our Treatments Are More Than Skin Deep

At Advanced Laser Clinic, we offer life-changing procedures performed by skilled professionals.

We want to reveal the beauty that’s concealed within your skin. Let your mirror show you the image that you see in your heart with freshness, vibrancy, and youthfulness. The changes we aspire to are those that artfully enhance your appearance while retaining all of the natural essence of who you are.

There’s no single miracle cure for aging or problematic skin. We specialize in formulating customized treatment plans for laser hair removal, anti-aging skin rejuvenation and treatments to eliminatine acne and scarring. We also offer premium quality skincare products that will help you achieve your best version of you.

The first and most important part of providing good treatment is doing a comprehensive analysis of your health history and previously used products and procedures.

We take great pride in giving you a complete education on any service that you are interested including pre and post-treatment expectations and exact pricing.

Everyone wants to know what to expect when it comes to cost so we often write up a plan that maps out each step of the process it would take to reach your goal. It might include several different treatment methods and possibly home care products that would help expedite your results.

Your plan is designed to allow you a reference for planning treatments around your personal schedule as well as knowing ahead of treatment what costs are involved.

Our consultations are never a high-pressure sales pitch and we will never ask you to sign a financial contract. Come explore the possibilities in the privacy of a free consultation. A new you is just a phone call away.

Our experienced staff of Medical and Aesthetic professionals look forward to serving you. And as always, consultations are free.

Laser Hair Removal

Because of our specialization in laser hair removal and years of experience, we can offer the most advanced laser procedures. Treatments are administered by our highly specialized team of medical and aesthetic professionals.

Skin Care Services

Advanced Laser Clinic is dedicated to providing our patients with the very latest and very best options for customizing our skin care treatments to the individual needs of each patient.

Medical Esthetics

At Advanced Laser Clinic, we work with each individual patient to provide natural looking results that create a noticeable impact on their lives.

Permanent Makeup

There are multiple methods to achieve natural looking results. During your free consultation we will discuss, methods, shape and color to fit your desired results.

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"I have been going to Advanced Laser Clinic for laser hair removal. They have great results for less than their competitors and are very reasonable on maintenance fees for upkeep on more difficult areas."                                            

Shelly L.
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"Shelly is the only person that has got my acne to clear up! And does an awesome job working on all of my scarring now. Totally worth the investment because of the results, knowledge and care you receive!"                                       

Jenni B.
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