Meet Our Newest Team Member for Esthetics in Springfield Missouri

Meet Our Newest Team Member

Meet Our Newest Team Member for Esthetics in Springfield MissouriWe’re excited to announce the arrival of our newest team member, Teresa Benz. Teresa comes to us after spending seven years in the nursing field. Before that, she completed cosmetology school. She falls somewhere between medical expert and passionate esthetic service provider, which makes her a great addition to the Advanced Laser Clinic team for esthetics in Springfield Missouri.

Advanced Laser Clinic: Welcome, Teresa! You’re new to esthetics. Tell us about your background.

Teresa Benz: Well, I am new to medical esthetics, but I’ve been involved with beauty and cosmetology since I left [cosmetology] school. My license consisted of not only hair care, but also nail and face care. But, at that time, I only practiced hair – so this is my first time working in skincare.

ALC: What made you decide to pursue medical esthetics?

TB: Medical esthetics are actually the whole reason I went to nursing school [after cosmetology school]. I wanted to get into medical esthetics – either plastics or esthetician services, like the PRP injections. So, I went to nursing school and then graduated and put out my resume. However, in this area, the market is pretty competitive, and I wasn’t able to find a medical esthetics position. Fast forward to seven years later, when I went in for a procedure with Jill Thompson. I said, “You aren’t hiring by any chance, are you?” She said, “Well, actually, we’re expanding. You’ve got great timing.”

ALC: How will you incorporate your nursing experience into medical esthetics?

TB: My skills are really a perfect mix for something like this. With my cosmetology background, I love working with people, and I really have that desire to make people feel good about themselves and improve their confidence. With my medical background, it increases the range of procedures I can perform. For example, I can draw blood and plasma for microneedling procedures, but I’m also trained in more basic procedures.

ALC: What treatments do you currently perform?

TB: I’m currently trained in microdermabrasion, facials, peels, OxyGeneo, IPL photofacials and laser hair removal.

ALC: What’s your favorite treatment to perform?

TB: So far, I like the IPL photofacials. I’ve never worked with lasers before, and the whole concept of it is really cool. Seeing the instant results on someone who might come in with age spots or discoloration is really impressive.

We can’t wait to see how Teresa uses her medical knowledge and passion for customer service to take our team to new heights. To schedule an appointment with Teresa, give us a call at (417) 883-5400.