Our September Special On Laser Hair Removal in Springfield Missouri

Our September BOGO Special On Laser Hair Removal in Springfield Missouri

Our September Special On Laser Hair Removal in Springfield Missouri

Once fall arrives, the days start getting shorter and you start to pack away your shorts and tank tops as summer comes to a close. Did you get tired of shaving this summer and consider laser hair removal? Most people tend to seek laser hair removal treatments at the beginning of summer, but it is actually best to start permanent hair removal treatments when summer is over. There are several reasons to start laser hair removal in the fall.

Your Tan Has Faded

Unless you are someone who avoids the sun and tanning all summer, you will want to avoid starting laser hair removal at the start of the summer. Permanent hair removal works by targeting melanin (the pigment that gives your skin and hair its color) in the hair follicles. The heat from the laser disables these follicles, which prevents hair from regrowing.

If your skin is tan, it contains more melanin than it usually does, making it difficult for the laser to differentiate between the color of your hair and your skin. So instead of avoiding the sunshine all summer long, plan to begin your permanent hair removal in the fall once your tan has faded.

Multiple Treatments Are Necessary

Laser hair removal is not a one time treatment. Your hair grows in cycles, so six treatments are recommended to achieve the best results. The laser specifically targets only the hair that is currently in its active growth cycle or the anagen phase. Therefore treatments will be need to be spaced at least 7-10 weeks apart allowing the hair follicles to become active and making each treatment more successful.

Avoiding UV Exposure

It is best to avoid all UV exposure during your permanent hair removal treatments. This is the number one pre-treatment instruction that does not change regardless of hair type hair color, skin color, or area being treated. When you start you laser treatments in the Fall, it is easier to avoid sun exposure on the treated area ensuring that each treatment will be more effective. The lighter your skin, the more energy from the laser is directed to the hair follicle and therefore the treatment is the most successful.

Our September Special

But the best reason to start laser hair removal in the fall is our BUY ONE AREA GET THE SECOND AREA 1/2 PRICE Special. This special is only for the month of September, so call now.

If you would like to start on your journey to being hair free, call us today. We have been doing permanent hair removal with FDA approved lasers and highly trained technicians for 17 years. We are the experts for laser hair removal in Springfield, Missouri and we will guide you through this process. We do free consultations to make sure that you are a good candidate and give you up front pricing for the entire process. Don’t wait until next summer to be disappointed that you are still shaving. Call us today at (417) 883-5400.


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