Invest In A Medical Grade Skin Care Regimen - Skin Rejuvenation in Springfield Missouri

Invest In A Medical Grade Skin Care Regimen – Skin Rejuvenation in Springfield Missouri

Many people understand that the true value of proper skin care can no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity. A consistent regimen can really change your skin, whether you are dealing with acne, hyper-pigmentation, or aging.  Advancements in skin rejuvenation ingredients and proper education help achieve the best results possible.

You may have heard the terms, “medical grade” and “cosmeceuticals”. The FDA regulates skin care products that include active ingredients that actually affect the skin. Medical grade skin care products are strong enough to reach and treat problems deeper in the skin. The concentration of active ingredients in over the counter (OTC) products is greatly limited. This is to avoid people harming their skin with the wrong ingredients. This is where education and product knowledge come into play. A skin care expert can recommend the appropriate products for your exact concerns.

There is usually a substantial price difference between these products. A higher price point is seen in products that have more effective active ingredients at a higher concentration. Along with a more effective product at a higher price is the need to use less. This can help balance the cost to use ratio.

Committing to a medical grade skin care regimen will change the way you see healthy skin.

At Advanced Laser Clinic, we carry Medical Grade skin care products. In December, stock up on your products that you already use or come in for a FREE consultation to find the right products for you. We are committed to you and your skin care needs so with our training and education we can customize a regimen for you.

Our Christmas Specials

Advanced Laser Clinic has your Christmas gift list covered. Each of the 3 weeks prior to Christmas will have very special offers available on various services from dermal fillers to laser hair removal for that particular week only. You can call in or stop in to do your Holiday Shopping.

Week #1 December 4th – 8th

Stock up on all your favorite products at 15% off – even your Obagi kits. Orders will be taken and the products will be available to be picked up by Dec.20th.

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Dysport and fillers will be 15% off. Coupon expires March 31st, 2018. If you want in before Christmas, Dr. Talley has appointment times available Dec. 7th, Dec. 14th and Dec. 19th.

If you are looking into your options for beauty procedures that help you look much younger, chances are you are considering dermal fillers, as well as Dysport. While they are both delivered to the skin as injections, dermal fillers are generally used to plump up the skin while Dysport is used to reduce facial muscle activity in a way that reduces the appearance of certain wrinkles.

Because they serve different purposes, fillers and Dysport are often used together for the most dramatic results. When deciding which beauty procedure is right for you, it’s always a good idea to sit down for a skin consultation. We will evaluate your skin and beauty goals and help come up with the best plan. At Advanced Laser Clinic, we offer a variety of non-surgical beauty procedures, and are happy to come up with a customized treatment plan that matches your goals and budget.