Getting To Know Jill Thompson - Esthetics in Springfield Missouri

Getting To Know Jill Thompson – Esthetics in Springfield Missouri

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our newest full-time team member: Jill Thompson. Jill has extensive experience in beauty and esthetics in Springfield Missouri. Her knowledge and specialized skills make her the perfect addition to the Advanced Laser Clinic team.

After working in the beauty industry for 10 years, Jill began her journey into the skincare field. She spent two years as an apprentice at a local day spa, prior to receiving her esthetic license in 2008. After receiving her license, Jill spent time working in different local spas to learn more about her true passion: skincare. Most notably, she has trained with Environ, the company behind our new scientifically-backed skincare line, earning her current status as an Environ-certified professional.

Jill’s foray into medical esthetics led her to the Advanced Laser Clinic team. She’s committed to helping our clients feel confident by addressing the root causes of skincare woes, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

Advanced Laser Clinic: Welcome to the team, Jill. Are you a Springfield native?
Jill Thompson: I’m originally from the Phoenix, Arizona area, but I’ve been in Springfield for years. It’s a great place to live.

ALC: You’ve been in this business for a decade now. Why do you enjoy what you do?
JT: My favorite part of esthetics is never getting bored. There are so many interesting things I get to do, and the industry and technology are always changing and improving. I also love helping people feel better about their skin. It’s very rewarding when you get awesome results.

ALC: You’re an Environ-certified professional. What makes these products so special?
JT: Environ is an extremely high-quality product that works. It’s scientifically-based and only uses the best quality ingredients. Put simply, Environ is results-oriented. The training and constant support we receive from Environ is invaluable to our business.

ALC: Do you use Environ products yourself?
JT: I do, yes! I use them for just about everything. Before getting involved with Environ, I had no prior sales experience. Now, I have no trouble recommending Environ products to our clients because I truly believe in them. It’s not hard to sell a product when you’ve seen the results yourself, especially on your own skin.

Jill brings a great deal of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the Advanced Laser Clinic team. Some of her specialties include facials and microblading. To schedule an appointment with Jill, give us a call at 417-883-5400.