Combat Summer Sun With An Anti Aging Facial in Springfield Missouri

Combat Summer Sun Damage With Facials in Springfield Missouri

Combat Summer Sun Damage With Facials

Once Summer is finally here, there are many things we need to focus on to keep our skin healthy. First and foremost, we need to protect our skin every day. Using a quality physical sunblock is the best. Apply sunscreen to your face, neck and décolleté every day.

80 % of UVA rays from the sun (the ones that age you) can penetrate through clouds and windows. These harmful rays are responsible for 80-90% of the visible signs of aging and are also the main cause of skin cancer. With the change in seasons, it’s time to rethink your skin care regimen.

Products we use in Winter may not be appropriate for summer time use. Moisturizers a are a main culprit here. In summer switching to lighter formula is usually best. Heavy creams used for winter dryness will often cause breakouts with the humidity of Summer.

Definitely the way you wash your face should be evaluated. A milk cleanser, that would be more suited for winter dryness, might not cut through the stickiness the summer weather can cause. Switching to a foaming cleanser will clean the skin better with no worry about being too drying.

Next we need to change our treatment protocols. Summer is not the ideal time for advanced anti-aging treatments or many chemical peels. Sun exposure can be very counterproductive to the skin after advanced treatments. Instead we need to focus on deep cleansing, hydrating, and replenishing the vitamins our skin loses through sun exposure. Light exfoliation is still essential for healthy skin turnover.

Facials and oxygen treatments will do just this. Chlorine and other chemicals we encounter more often in summer can rob our skin of key nutrients. Staying on a skin maintenance routine is best to keep our in shape.

Advanced Laser Clinic is here to keep you on the path to beautiful skin using the best methods for seasonal changes. At Advanced Laser Clinic, we carry medical grade SkinCeuticals, Obagi, and Environ which all have summer regimens.

We also provide services such as Hydration Facials and Oxygen Facials in Springfield Missouri using our new OxyGeneo +. This treatment is a great way to keep your skin healthy over the summer months. Call us today for more information regarding this fabulous new treatment.