Benefits Of Intense Pulsed Light Photofacials in Springfield Missouri

Benefits Of Intense Pulsed Light Photofacials in Springfield Missouri

As we get older, our skin accumulates a significant amount of damage. From sun spots, to rosacea, to broken capillaries, resulting from lifestyle choices. A lot of people resign themselves to the idea that skin damage is just a part of aging. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Luckily there’s a procedure that minimizes a variety of pigmentation issues: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. IPL treatments are non-invasive  procedures that allow intense pulses of light to penetrate deep into the skin. This light energy stimulates tissue replacement by targeting the darker skin cells and the reds in the lower dermal layer. IPL corrects a wide variety skin tone concerns. Intrigued? Find out if IPL is right for you.

The IPL Procedure

For IPL treatments, we use a non-laser medical device called the Lumenis M22 to deliver a series of pulses of light onto the surface of your skin. The treatment may feel similar to a laser procedure. By constricting capillaries and causing controlled damage to the unhealthy pigmented skin cells, IPL gently but efficiently improves the overall skin tone and texture.

After the procedure, you’ll see signs of sun damage and age spots temporarily darken. Don’t be alarmed: Over the course of the next several weeks, those darkened spots will fade and flake off, effectively clearing your complexion.

When working with severely pigmented skin, several treatments are required. Each treatment builds upon the next. This allows the skin to be treated gradually and see how it reacts. Spacing treatments four weeks apart allows for the skin to completely turn over and return to normal before we treat again.

The Ideal IPL Client

IPL treatments are great for clients with hyperpigmentation and redness concerns. Some of the most common issues we see are sun damage like sun spots, also known as photo-aged skin. It’s also important to note that IPL treatments aren’t just for the face. We’ve seen great results using IPL photofacials in Springfield Missouri on sun-damaged body regions like the arms and the chest. IPL is also great for the following skin issues:

  • Irregular skin pigmentation resulting from hormonal factors and/or sun exposure
  • Dilated blood vessels and broken capillaries

The Results From Photofacials

IPL treatments provides gradual, natural-looking skin improvement with excellent long-term results. Immediately following an IPL treatment, you may notice a slight reddening of the surrounding skin which typically subsides within a couple of hours. After that, the result process can take up to three weeks, at which point you can expect a noticeably clearer, younger-looking complexion. Multiple treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of your skin concern, but you should notice reduced redness, minimized capillaries and smaller pores after just one treatment.

We’re committed to making your IPL experience a great one, which is why our certified technicians are able to assess the needs of your skin and customize the settings of our device for optimal results. If you think IPL might be a good fix for your skin concerns, call us at 417-883-5400 for a consultation.